Silk Flower Arrangements for Special Occasions

As you become more experienced with silk flowers; either collecting and displaying them or in creating them, you’ll find yourself looking toward events which will inspire you. At Christmas you may put on display your favorite poinsettia silk flowers; at Easter it may be your long-stemmed calla lilies, followed by a vibrant summer arrangement of silk flowers. These, and others, you’ll warmly set out for family and friends to enjoy. In fact, it’s the special moments and occasions in our lives which lends itself not only to designing silk flowers, but designing in general—out homes, offices, families, lives and futures.

Silk Flower Special Ocassion

“Special Occasions”

Special Occasions for silk flowers and the vivid array of arrangements they’re used to inspire are moments you can rely on and look towards, now, and in the years ahead. It’s your own personal creativity that will shine through in the silk flowers which you proudly display. I have a long-time friend who has amassed a large collection of silk flowers. So many, that she has silk flowers for every season and nearly any special occasion one might imagine. Use these special times and seasons as the springboard it is for displaying beautiful silk flowers throughout the coming months.

As the final snowdrop of winter is followed by the welcoming buds of spring, you too may be inclined to rotate your silk flowers. I often move from subtle silk flowers winter blends to spring and summer charmers. Warmer weather often brings brighter colors; both in nature and well-designed silk flowers alike. At graduations I often give away silk flowers and arrangements in colors specific to the school. These can become real keepsakes that your children, nieces, nephews, and friends will cherish years from now.

What about weddings? Silk flowers are becoming all the rage for modern weddings. The bride can select any type of silk flowers she wants! It doesn’t matter if the real flowers are in season or out. They never wilt—regardless of the heat and silk flowers can be given as gifts to family and friends of the bride and groom. Take a quick moment and imagine all the ways you can use silk flower arrangements for special occasions. I bet you’ll discover more ways than you think. Go ahead; have some fun with it! - Erika Garcia

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Silk Flowers DIY: How To Develop Vibrancy

The secret to great silk flowers and silk flower arrangements is, many times, the proper use of contrasting colors. By contrasting colors in silk flower arrangements I’m referring to colors that aren’t closely matching—such as red with silver or designs including blue, pink, and purple. These choices add volume to your silk flowers.  These types of silk flower arrangements are easy to create with a little bit of thought.

Mixed Calla Lilies Silk Flowers

“Colorful Vibrancy”

Start by selecting silk flowers that are wide apart in the color spectrum; tones which strongly contrast each other. You can always add greenery, twigs, or garnish to the end of your silk flower arrangements to tone down the vibrancy of colors. Silk flowers should be visually stimulating. Trust your own eyes to tell you which colors to gather together in these silk flower arrangements. Some of my favorite combinations of silk flowers include orange and yellow. Deep orange hues when married with rich yellows help to create silk flower arrangements that inspire and impress.

Blue and pink silk flowers, such as found in Hydrangeas, also go together well. Contrasting colors work in all seasons; I’ll sometimes display tropically dramatic silk flower arrangements in the middle of February. The pinks, bright-blues, and amber-colored silk flowers help me feel like its summer even when it’s frosty outside. I also tend to display silk flower arrangements that resemble the clear, cool ocean in the middle of summer. One of the coolest things about silk flowers and silk flower arrangements is you can bend the seasons to your fancy. One need not wait for spring to enjoy roses; silk flowers let your enjoy them in mid-December if you choose.

I’ll recently combined some silk flowers using green and terracotta cream colors; contrastingly beautiful! Yellow, pink, and cream silk flowers garnished with feathery oat stems and proportional greenery can make lovely silk flower arrangements—especially when used as a centerpiece. Whether making your own or buying premade silk flower arrangements, make sure part of your collection focuses on contrasting colors. Nature is your best guide to what truly majestic silk flower arrangements should reflect. Take your time when making your selection. After all, premium silk flower arrangements, carefully hand-crafted can last a lifetime.  - Erika Garcia

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How to Properly Display Artificial Flower Arrangements

Artificial flower arrangements can be displayed virtually anywhere—walls, tables, entryways, offices, living rooms, covered patios—the list is endless. Two of the most popular places to display artificial flower arrangements, however, is on side tables and floors. As the main feature of a hallway, a side table is the perfect choice to display your small and medium-sized artificial flower arrangements.

Bamboo Silk Flower Arrangements

“Bamboo, Grass, & Feather”

Keep in mind the container holding the artificial flower arrangements should match the surrounding walls and harmonize well with the rest of the room. Well-designed artificial flower arrangements, when displayed in appropriate surroundings, can become the focal point for an entire room or area. Make sure the colors and types of the artificial flower arrangements you’re displaying lends itself well to the surrounding textures on the walls and any nearby decorations such as paintings and family photographs.

When displaying artificial flower arrangements on the floor it’s important to select large flowers which will mesh well with the surrounding environment. Artificial flower arrangements of the tropical variety might go best with brightly decorated tile floors; contemporary artificial flower arrangements might serve best when placed near mission-style furniture. These are things one must consider when creating or purchasing artificial flower arrangements.

Here are a couple tips to remember: (1) floor-standing artificial flower arrangements should be dramatic, yet not imposing; colorful, but not too loud. (2) Side table artificial flower arrangements should blend with the walls, ceiling, pictures, and theme of the room while adding to the ambiance. When in doubt, use your own best judgment. One of the major benefits in collecting a variety of artificial flower arrangements is that you can rotate them throughout the rooms in your home or office and display them according to the seasons, as desired.

If you’re making the arrangements yourself, it’s easy to select the flowers which you want to include and combine them in a vase or container which matches the room colors perfectly. If you’re purchasing premade artificial flower arrangements speak with the designer who made them and ask their advice regarding color choices and design types. This can save you time and money by selecting the right artificial flower arrangements upfront. I hope you found these tips beneficial—and when in doubt use your best judgment. All long as you’re happy with the arrangements that’s all that matters. - Erika Garcia

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Simple Rules for Silk Flower Designs

I’m sometimes asked, what are the best rules to follow for silk flower designs? It’s a good question, but you may find my answer surprising. I have very few rules when it comes to silk flower designs. Sure there are certain concepts you must incorporate such as style, color, silk flower type, container and others. But you might find, as I did, that your creativity will dry up as soon as your silk flower designs become laden with hard and fast rules.

creative silk flower designs

“Be Creative!”

If one person can image a rule and apply it to silk flower designs, another artist can come along with a new idea; one which not only adds beauty to silk flower designs,  but smashes to bits the preceding rule altogether. Imagination, combined with creativity and inspiration is what allows silk flower designs to develop and become whatever we wish.

If I must use rules when planning my silk flower designs, I defer to nature as my guide. You’ll want to make sure you keep your leaves, garnish, twigs, etc. in proportion to the overall silk flower designs you create. Silk flower designs, like snowflakes, can each be unique. I replicate the majority of my silk flower designs only because I sell them to individuals and businesses. Sometimes a client orders custom silk flower designs and permits me free-reign. When that happens I, often times, develop an arrangement which dramatically exceeds my client’s hopes—they love it!

Make sure you do not stifle your creativity and passion for silk flower designs by focusing too much on design fundamentals or hardline rules. I will, however, offer this recommendation: Never over pack your silk flower designs; sometimes less is more. Allow each silk flower, stem and bud to be brilliantly displayed. Your silk flower designs will look better and be easier to care for. Another tip I’ll offer is texture awareness. By that I mean the textures you use in your silk flower designs can dramatically change the overall look and feel of the finished arrangement. It’s important that you decide ahead of time which textures go with each flower type. I hope these few suggestions (not rules) make your silk flower designs more enjoyable to create. - Erika Garcia

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The Color of Design for Small Business

Silk flowers are in for today’s designers. Long past are the days of shag carpeting, wood paneling, and pea-green arm chairs. Skillfully chosen silk flowers can positively impacts

varied silk flowers

38″ Protea, Anthurium, Denrobin Design

today’s modern office. A small business, especially, must take into account how it will be perceived by clients. For example, is the ambiance inviting? Colorful silk flowers might make the difference. Is the atmosphere conducive to business operations? Inspirational silk flowers can change that. Most importantly, are the colors which have been selected and used throughout your lobby or space effective in increasing sales, generating business, and improving your image? If not, keep reading. Find out why silk flowers have become good news for businesses and companies.

Recent studies have shown that when predominately vivid colors are used throughout an office productivity not only drops, but overall negative feelings can develop in office staff as well as customers. On the flip side light-green, such as one might find in arranged silk flowers, has long been determined to increase office productivity while clear, bright lighting can also have an uplifting and energetic effect on the environment.

Just like there are numerous types of silk flowers, there are many preconceptions and myths regarding the color of design. We’ve all frequented establishments where a splash of color, say from rosy red silk flowers, wouldn’t hurt. Consider how the subtle touches of violet Phalaenopis Orchid silk flowers on a reception desk might lift a client’s spirits. Do you wish to create happiness and good cheer while making your clients and prospective customer feel welcome—try this striking silk flowers combination of Sunflower and Berries.

Colors in an office, stemming from your selection of silk flowers, is an important element of design; one subject to change based on the surrounding environment. In other words, no one color or combination of silk flowers or design colors is perfect for everyone. Each office is unique, but try experimenting with a few varied color choices; both in your overall office design and the silk flowers you carefully place throughout it. Notable studies have shown the positive correlation of colors and the impact on business they can have. Think about IBM blue… Properly selected silk flowers combined with choice office décor can have a measurable impact in your business and its success. - Erika Garcia

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Can Artificial Plants Increase Sales for Realtors?

Apparently artificial plants and silk flower arrangements can increase sales for Realtors when used the way Marc Hennigan did last month with his clients. Hennigan, a believer in using artificial plants and silk flower arrangements to promote his real estate business, began sending silk flower arrangements and artificial plants to his clients as closing gifts last year. Given the longevity of silk flower arrangements and the inherent appeal of choice artificial plants it only makes sense.

artificial plants design

“Desert Blend Arrangement”

Utilizing silk flower arrangements and artificial plants is nothing new for businesses. Hospitals, car dealerships, and airports have been using them for years. But giving artificial plants and silk flower arrangements to homeowners, in place of more traditional gifts, such as fruit baskets and gift cards is only now beginning to take off like wildfire.

“Clients really seem to enjoy the artificial plants and silk flower arrangements and they last for years, so every time my buyers see them they think of me”, says Hennigan.

I believe there are many ways that Realtors and other small service businesses can gain a loyal client base and increase customer retention with a little creative thought; silk flower arrangements and premium artificial plants is only one. Simple things, like follow-up phone calls and anniversary cards matter to clients. A real advantage when gifting silk flower arrangements and artificial plants is their desirability and uniqueness. Also, don’t forget the proven methods many first-time entrepreneurs overlook such as a user-friendly website, white paper or e-book detailing your specialty, coupons, positive reviews, and volunteer opportunities.

If you, like Hennigan, think artificial plants and silk flower arrangements will benefit your business you should give them a try. Would your clients find a Home Depot card or the silk flower arrangements of a Vanda Orchid more thoughtful? Will your clients think of you only once when they use your gift card or daily… when they walk past the artificial plants in their den you sent them last spring?

Never miss an opportunity; take advantage of organizations designed to assist you, such as the Small Business Administration. Then, use creativity to meet your customer’s needs. If not like Hennigan and his silk flower arrangements and artificial plants, then by using other inventive ideas. Keep your brand in the forefront of your customer’s mind; your business will grow exponentially in the process. – Erika Garcia

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Create a Simple Silk Flower Arrangement

Designing silk floral arrangements can be very detailed and time consuming work, but when you’re just beginning the goal should simply be to have fun. Artificial flower arrangements can be made in a variety of styles and sizes. Learning how to create a stunning silk flower arrangement can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are the basic steps for creating a stunning silk flower centerpiece you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Calla Lilies & Cymbidium Silk Flowers

“Calla Lilies & Cymbidium”

Basic Supplies

• Silk flower bushes

• Container

• Floral foam

• Floral wire cutters

• Glue gun and glue sticks

Choosing Silk Flowers

Choose flower bushes that will complement your home decor. For a realistic look, select flowers in a variety of styles and colors. The number of flower bushes you’ll need will depend on the size of your container. If you’re using a small container for your centerpiece, use approximately two bushes of flowers. For a larger container, you will need at least four to six bushes of silk flowers.

Greenery and Embellishments

Depending on the size of the arrangement, add one or two bunches of greenery to your arrangement. For a fun look, you can also add silk birds or any other embellishments to your centerpiece.


Select a basket or container that will enhance your home decor.

Assembling Your Arrangement

1. Cut a piece of floral foam so that it fits snug inside your container. Glue the piece of foam to the inside of your container.

2. Cut the greenery and flower bushes apart.

3. Place the largest artificial flowers in the center of your foam. Place a flower on each side of your container. You should now have a triangular base made from flowers.

4. Fill in your arrangement with the remaining flowers. Use your triangular base as a guide for the shape of your arrangement.

5. Evenly add your greenery pieces throughout your arrangement. Add any embellishments to your centerpiece.

*I always welcome feedback! Did you like today’s post? Feel free to forward this to a friend. – E.G

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